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My Concern For Crypto Technology

I’m a huge fan of blockchain technology, and many use cases for it. In the past I’ve created crypto trading bots, smart contracts and all sorts of cool projects. In spite of my excitement around the technology, I am not and never have been a person chasing financial profit from it. That doesn’t mean profit seeking is bad, just means it’s not my thing.

These days almost all social media influencers, music artists and other public figures are hyping up crypto (basically getting everyone involved) and as popularity grows, so do the scams that popup around it.

Scammers have been rushing to take advantage of people, but some of the worst I hear about are as follows, (Note: Each list item links to more information about that scam):

As a consequence, I fear mass distrust and coming government regulation may destroy the technology before its potential is fully realized. Eventually the excitement people now have, will be replaced with disenchantment and people will reject the technology believing it to be a scam.

The Metaverse Is Not A Joke

It’s amazing so many people are downplaying “The Metaverse” and don’t see it’s the inevitable next phase of the current World Wide Web.

The world’s largest businesses and smartest people are working around the clock and investing heavily into creating the technologies which will enable the rest of us to build what can be seen in the “Ready Player One” move.

Considering what is possible today, I clearly see we are heading towards full immersion with virtual reality being possible.

What we have now is just the beginning so let’s have a little patience, roll our sleeves up and help build this thing, because it’s happening with or without us.

Please watch the video I have linked to each of the topics below to see what I mean: